Monday, February 22, 2010

New releases coming soon

Kyle Vanderbeek is going to take over as release manager for MySQLdb-1.2. We should have one more release candidate of 1.2.3 first, followed quickly by the final release.

Development on MySQLdb-2.0 has been progressing, and has recently moved to a Mercurial repository on SourceForge. This was imported from the SVN trunk. If you pull from the SVN trunk in the future, you may be disappointed.

2.0 is turning into a very major rewrite. I should have an alpha release soon. For now, the hg repository builds and passes all tests, but there are probably a few things that aren't thoroughly tested yet, particularly scrolling on cursors. I'll post more detail along with the alpha release.

Python3 support is not immediately in the works, and I probably won't work on it until I am close to a beta. At this point, I would target Python-3.1, maybe 3.2. 3.0 would probably work too.


Anonymous said...

At pycon one reoccurring theme in all the async talks (twisted, eventlib, etc) was how mysqldb was impossible to deal with in an async way due to blocking calls to mysql in the C. It always required falling back on threads.

Is there any plans in 2.0 for better async support?

Unknown said...

Yes. I will write a separate post on this, though, because I have a long-winded explanation and history lesson.

stuaxo said...

Hi, please update site.cfg registry key to

Just spent 15 mins to find this :)

Qba said...

it seems davisphuh has already patched mysql-python-1.2.3 for python-3.2 and it works nice - I compiled&instaled it then tested it in a production environment; why not adopt these changes to the repository?